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Funeralium official

Extreme Blackened Doom Metal since MMIII


Slowly We Crawl Toward Crumbs, from the album "Of Throes and Blight"

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Deceived Idealism, from the album "Deceived Idealism"

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FuneraliuM (Funeral + Valium) was founded in June 2003 by Marquis from Ataraxie who wanted to express his own vision about extreme doom. At that time, his most influential bands were Bethlehem, Saint Vitus, Black Sabbath, Cathedral, Abruptum and Burning Witch.... Berserk (also member of Ataraxie) joined Funeralium soon after with Ys and Toxine from Heol Telwen who were also enthusiastic about that project... Funeralium describes their style as "ultra sick doom" i.e. raw extreme doom with bleak atmospheres, torturous vokills and lots of old school metal elements. -September 2003 the first rehearsals started and they began to work on the following tracks "Transcendance N°26" and "Funeralium"... In March 2004 they were offered a deal to release their first demo on the underground metal label "BANG OR BE BANGED!!". One month later they recorded that demo at the nekrodoom studio and they decided to call it "ultra sick doom". They did that to honour german sick gods Bethlehem which gave the name of the genre that they founded ie "dark metal" by releasing "dark metal" album... So "Ultra Sick Doom" was released in June 2004 and that demo received great feedbacks from all the underground metal community. Soon after, the first gigs began and they were given the opportunity to take part to several gigs and festivals accross France, Holland and Belgium. -Between, 2004 and 2006 they rehearsed harder to be able to record a first album later. The following tracks were composed :"Let people die", "Light Crisis", "Nearly the end", "First symptoms"... In 2006, TotalRust from Israel and Ostra records offered deals to release the their first album in CD and DLP formats. Recording took place at two different studios (nekrodoom & Solid Studio) during summer 2006. Yet, because of several misfortunes, mixing/mastering suffered from a huge delay and painly took place in 2007 at the Walnut groove studio…

Funeralium's 1st album “Funeralium” was finally released by Totalrust during Summer 2007 in CD format. DLP format was released later in 2007 by Ostra Records. One more time, it received great feedbacks from all the metal community. Unfortunatly, several problems brought a total chaos within the band. Band's activity totally stopped during several months and all these problem lead to the departure of Ys... their former drummer. Finally, Funeralium arose in February 2008. A.D. K'shon replaced Ys... and Asmael Lebouc joined the band a second bass player/vokillist. -2010, with CharlesWard on 2nd bass, the band is composing its 2nd album...

In 2012 the 88 minutes monolith “Deceived Idealism” is recorded & mixed by KK (Huata, Abjvration) at his WORSHIP STUDIO. It is released on WEIRD TRUTH on CD and a few months later Ostra Records for the DLP. A limited & deluxe 3 LPs version with backpatch is also released. The 3rd LP features the infamous demo tape “Ultra Sick Doom” reissued on wax! This will allow the band to perform live in many festivals & gigs in Europe, hitting Holland, Germany, Portugal, England, Belgium and Denmark. Crushing and mesmerizing the audience every time. In the meantime the band is also composing new material for its 3rd album.

-2016 they are back to the Studio to unleash “Of Throes & Blight”. Recorded partly at the revamped Nekro Doom Studio, it is mixed by S. Biguet at his Retro Sound Studio. Eager to drive yet another big nasty rusty nail in the coffin of Doom Metal. Treading the same paths taken since “Deceived Idealism”, the band explores further and refines its unique blend of Doom, Death and Black Metal, proposing a music which goes way beyond (and below) the limits of Doom and Funeral Doom in particular. The music is “richer” than before, with frantic parts of blast beats and neckbreaking mid-tempo parts. At the end of that recording, ADK'SHN bade the band farewell and decided to put an end to his musical endeavours as a whole. That 3rd album of Funeralium is his musical testament. Soon after, the mysterious RAEV, with ties in the Experimental/Dark Ambient scence, joins the band. It is a perfect match.

-2017 FUNERALIUM is now ready to crush more skulls and awaits gigs with feverish impatience!

Marquis (vocals, guitars).. Asmael Lebouc (bass, backing vocals).. Raev (drums).. CharlesWard (bass).. Berserk (guitars)..

Saint Vitus, Trouble, Black Sabbath, Bethlehem, Penance, Witchfinder General, Judas Priest (70s area), Candlemass, Celtic Frost/Hellhammer, Solitude Aeturnus, Thin Lizzy, Cathedral, Neurosis, Darkthrone, Master's Hammer, Autopsy, Portal, Winter, Burning Witch.

A filthy mixture of old school Doom, old Heavy Metal, Death Metal, Black Metal and Funeral Doom.